JKS Berlin


Sociable Science | Beyond Growth?! Congress |                                                              Techische Universität Berlin |                                                                                                       May 20th – 22nd 2011       

Just Keep Shopping (everythingwillbeokay) functioned as a pop-up shop, in a booth-like stiuation at the Beyond Growth?! Congress. Here Sociable Science bought and sold goods and services; however they were trading solely in our own currency the Debloom; printed live on site as required. Participants taded an item or skill in return for Deblooms and in turn they shopped with their new found fortunes at the kiosk. Values, rates and prices were set according to Sociable Science’s unorthodox value system. Throughout this event the artist collective took on the position of the layman, attempting to understand how monetary systems work and underpin everyday life.

Further congress information and a full programme of events can be found here

 Click here for Sociable Science’s press release


Printing Money
Shop Label
Our first new Berlin stock
Shop Stock

Bernardine gives her famous jazz hands sales pitch

JKS shop assistants have a heated debate over the value of a new piece of stock
Business as usual
more customers..
more shop stock..
quiet time...
Sample Debloom

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