Step 4, ‘You must be a poet, a lady of evil luck, desiring to be what you’re not’. Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki with Federica Bueti and Jan Verwoert, Yellow Brick, Athens, October 2017

Dear Vasiliki,

I came to the discussion you had at Yellow Brick with Federica Bueti and Jan Verwoert about a week and a half ago. It’s one of the first things that I went to when I arrived back in Athens and I wanted to let you know that I loved it.

It was great exercise for my brain. Since leaving university, even though I still read a lot, I don’t get to be part of, or hear discussions like that very often. I’m sure I only understood about half of it, I’m still thinking about it all now. I’m a feminist but I haven’t read much feminist theory, so it was great to get some more insight. I had a googling frenzy of the women that Federica mentioned, especially Carla Lonzi.

Apart from the discussion itself I also liked how you set everything up; that it was hospitable, that there was food and that at the end the discussion just kept on going. Eventually I had to leave so I have no idea when the discussion actually finished.

I really like the premise of Yellow Brick too. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about working with as little hierarchy as possible, in a collaborative way, somewhere between an art practice and a curatorial practice.

I have my fingers crossed that you’ll have another event before I leave Athens again.



p.s. I forgot to mention two of my favourite things; watching your cat’s dare devil antics and the look on Jan Verwoert’s face every time it looked like it was going to leap off the balcony. Oh yeah, and Jan Verwoert’s hand gestures while he talked.

p.p.s. Sorry I stole your event picture from facebook. I couldn’t concentrate on what everyone was saying and take a picture at the same time, I hope that’s okay?

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